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The Society of Chinese American Physician Entrepreneurs(SCAPE) is a non-profit internationalorganization. It is founded and led by a core group of Chinese American Physicians. Its main mission is:

  • To connect Chinese American Physicians across different subspecialties in the United States.
  • To promote information exchanges and to improve education between the United States and China in the fields of Medicine and Healthcare.

SCAPE is a unique platform based in the United States for Chinese American Physicians to exchange ideas of starting a physician entrepreneur career. SCAPE is determined to assist members to gain knowledge from experienced physician entrepreneurs, and to provide necessary training and other supporting services that will foster opportunities for fellow Chinese American physicians and other medical professionals who aim to pursue a physician entrepreneur career path.

SCAPE represents the body of Chinese American Physicians with entrepreneurial career inspiration. SCAPE leads Chinese American Physician Entrepreneurs to be involved in national and international projects in the fields of healthcare, medical education, tele-medicine, and other innovations. Registration is open to all Chinese American Physicians or Medical Scientists who are interested in entrepreneurship, upon the SCAPE board review of registration,  the membership is authrorized with a formal SCAPE member ID if the user is qualified.




美国华人执业医师协会 (Society of Chinese American Physician Entrepreneurs) 是一个非赢利性国际性组织, 简称 SCAPE 。这个组织是由一群来自中国大陆但目前在美国行医的多学科专业华人医生们创立。其宗旨是为具有创业精神的华人医生提供各种商业机会和支持, 从而把实验室和临床的研究成果和创新发明转化为具有市场价值的产品并推广于实际应用。
SCAPE 为美国华人医生提供了一个独一无二的商业平台。通过这个平台,可以增进华人医生们之间的相互交流,互通有无。通过这个平台,华人医生可以获得必要的创业精神的熏陶和训练,可以经常有机会与已经成功的企业家互动。通过这个平台,华人医生的项目可以得到天使基金以及其他融资渠道的扶植。
SCAPE 代表了所有对创业富有激情的美国华人医生。这个组织会引领他们在卫生健康领域进行投资,开发,创业,其中包括医学教育,远程医疗, 新药研发,医疗器械 以及其它一些医疗产品创新。SCAPE旨在帮助具有创业精神的华人医生不仅仅在医疗临床,教育培训领域成功,更希望有志者成为一名成功的医学商业企业的领导人物,为各自的企业事业,为经济飞速发展的中国大陆医疗行业做一些实质性的促进,以及为广大中国病人提供必要的医务服务。
如果你是一名对创业感兴趣的华人医生或者医学科学家们,敬请登记SCAPE, SCAPE BOARD 将会审批你的会员申请, 并且合格成员正式会员号码。
如果你有任何意向或咨询,请与我们联系, 我们的联系电子邮件地址是:support@scapeusa.org

[Our Missions]

Our Missions are
  • Networking: to connect Chinese American Physicians or Medical Scientists across different subspecialties; to promote exchanging entrepreneurial ideas among faculties, fellows, residents, students, and other medical professionals.

  • Leadership: to facilitate collaborations among individual members, chapter organization, private investors, and the healthcare industry in US as well as in China.
  • Education: to provide webinars and other formats of medical training in different subspecialties to medical students, residents, and physicians from China
  • Publication: to disseminate academic research and clinic findings, newsletters, and media reports on a regular basis to connect members to the physician entrepreneurs’ world.

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