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The society of Chinese American Physicians and Entrepreneurs (SCAPE) is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization (EIN 47-2607241) founded in 2014 in California. It comprises Chinese American physicians from various medical specialties across the United States. The mission of SCAPE is to connect Chinese American physicians in the United States, improve well-being, promote professional communication and education, and provide opportunities for career development and entrepreneurship. As the largest organization of Chinese American physicians in the US, SCAPE currently has nearly 800 lifetime members across over 30 different sub-specialties. Our members are affiliated with top US medical institutions, encompassing major academic medical centers, healthcare delivery systems, and private practices nationwide.

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美国华人执业医师协会 (SCAPE)是一个非盈利性的在美华人医师组织,成立于2014年。我们的使命是团结在美华人医师,推动身心健康,促进医学交流和教育,并为职业发展和创业提供机会。,目前拥有近八百名来自30 多个不同专业的华人执业医师。我们的会员遍布在全美各个顶尖医疗学术机构,医疗网络及私立医院医疗机构。
如果你有任何意向或咨询,请与我们联系, 我们的联系电子邮件地址是

Our Missions are–

  • Networking: to connect Chinese American Physicians or Medical Scientists across different sub-specialties.
  • Leadership: to facilitate collaborations among individual members and the healthcare industry in the united states.
  • Education: to provide webinars and other formats of medical training in different sub-specialties to medical students, residents, and physicians.
  • Publication: to disseminate academic research and clinic findings, newsletters, and media reports on a regular basis to connect members to the physicians’ world.